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 Ethiopian Wolf

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Ethiopian wolves are decreasing rapidly in population. Fewer than 500 remain today owing to the increased pressure from agriculture, high altitude grazing, hybridization with domestic dogs, direct persecution, and diseases such as rabies.[77] The EWCP (Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Project) actively works on protecting this conservation reliant species.[78] Scientists working with this project have found that this species has some resistance to the effects of small population sizes and some resilience to fragmentation.[78] A 2003 study on the Ethiopian wolf resulted in the conclusion that the key to its survival resides in securing its habitat and isolating its population from the impact of people, livestock and domestic dogs.[78]

The interaction between humans and Ethiopian wolves has become increasingly threatening to their conservation as these negative interactions increase as human density increases. Human interactions include poisoning, persecution in reprisal for livestock losses, and road kills.[79] Mountainous areas are critical for Ethiopian wolves survival to provide a healthy habitat.[78]

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Ethiopian Wolf
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