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 Characters of GD

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PostSubject: Characters of GD   Characters of GD EmptySun Aug 23, 2009 8:43 pm

Guard Dog Characters. All designs and style of each character is copyrighted.
To zoom out press ctrl and then the minus sign.
To zoom in press ctrl and then the plus sign.

Name: Zero Blackfire (Male)
Age: 18 (Forever 18; does not age)
An extrordinary wolf, with the ability to form into a human and harness the power of Blackfire. Zero was an infamous wolf known to cause destruction and terror to the mortal world, until his actions were noticed by the council. Forced to become a Guardian, he now has to protect soul from her father Kohn, an ancient demon who feeds on the souls of the living.
Further Description: Bold, Confident, Egotistical, Fierce.
Character©️Cori Weir

Characters of GD Char2

Name: Soul spirit (Female)
Age: 17~Human Years~
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Personality: Easily angered, yet very friendly, and loves being around others.
Soul can take on human form, and also has a demonic side.

Characters of GD Char5

Name: Kohn (Male)
Age: Unknown
Eye color: Yellow
Personality: Evil, Angered at everything, fierce
Kohn is an immortal, who feeds on the souls of the living, to survive. Over the years, life has evolved, and taken on new abilities, such as the ability to shift.
He'd met a human, who'd he fell in love with. Together they had a child, which they named soul.
Because of the odd genes created from the chromosomes from the father and the mother, soul was gifted with different abilities,
she could shapeshift, something her father could not.
He didn't learn of this, until she was about a teen, when she discovered it herself. Arond the age of 16 or so, soul discovers she could shift forms.
Soul's mother, knowing kohn's obsession with his collection of rare souls, tried to hide this from him. She flees, but Kohn soon finds her and kills the mother. Now he is after Soul..
(Description written by Tyler Turner Wink Thanks for your help Tyler!)
Character©️Cori Weir

Characters of GD Kohn

Name: Sophie (Female)
Age: 17~Human Years~
Eye Color: Green
Personality: (I'll get back to you on that, but I know she does not like guys)
Sophie is Soul's best friend. The creator of Sophie is also a good friend of Midna(creator of Soul) in real life.

Characters of GD Char1

Name: Fire Shadow (Male)
Age: Unknown
Eye Color: Orange
Personality: Cocky and headstrong
FireShadow is a demon who can control the element fire, he is also a follower of Kohn.
Character©️Cori Weir

Characters of GD Demon

Name: Banu
Age: Unkown
Eye Color: Yellow
Banu's homeland of New Zealand was being overrun by the human population. She rebelled by protecting what was rightfully hers. However, Banu did not take the righteous way; she was unjust. It was blood for blood in her eyes.
She rampaged through villages; destroying everything in her path. During one of her raids, a man dared to retaliate. Using a weapon, he attempted to gun her down. He missed his target, her heart, but managed to lodge a bullet within her.
Banu escaped; keeping her life, but losing her ability to speak. She was mute. Banu was ordered by the council to serve as a guard for a group of warriors to protect a 'charge'. This was her punishment.
Vengeful, hateful towards all humans
Strong fear, hatred towards all man-made weapons
Does NOT tolerate disrespect
Easily agitated
Loves to eat
Will fall asleep on the drop of a dime, if she hasn’t eaten
Character©️Tyler Turner

Characters of GD BanuTheBear

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PostSubject: Re: Characters of GD   Characters of GD EmptyMon Aug 24, 2009 12:48 pm

Name: Esprit (Meaning "Mind" in French)
Age: Unknown.
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Red
Personality: Very mysterious, and very monotone.
Species: Badger
Has the ability to read minds.

Characters of GD EspritTheBadger

Name: Tiger (Female)
Age: Unknown
Eye Color: Gold
Personality- Kind, smart, and a bit nervous
Has the ability of speed.

Characters of GD TigerTheHorse

Name: Flower (Female)
Age: 4 Years
Likes: Fish, Flowers , Hunting
hates: Evil
Ability: She has Very keen sense of Hearing smelling and touching
Flower Was Born Under A Cherry blossom And Loved to wander off , Her favorite Place was a Cliff over a Lake And she loved to feel the breeze. Her parents passed away peacefully from old age . She is very curious about everything.
She loves to spar with friends , She’s Very kind unless you get her irritable enough to attacks You. Her fun loving Eyes Will make even the biggest cry baby shut up. And She will defend Just about Anything .

Characters of GD FlowerTheTiger

Name: Fate (Male)
Age: Unknown
Eye Color: Silver
Fate is a blind cat and a good friend of Shame the wolf.

Characters of GD Fate
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PostSubject: Re: Characters of GD   Characters of GD EmptyMon Aug 24, 2009 1:11 pm

Name: Warden (Male)
Age: Unknown
Eye color: Dark Green
Personality: Wise, strong, a bit hardheaded, and mean.
Warden is a dragon, who is a part of the council. The council members are the ones who keep the world in order. Keeping the demons in their place and keeping them secret, so a war between demon and human will never happen. Warden is the Creator of Guardians.
Character©️Cori Weir

Characters of GD Warden2

Name: Seal (Female)
Age: Unknown
Eye Color: Red
Personality: She may look like a dragon with attitude, but she is the nicest dragon you could meet. She has that motherly type of attitude, and adores Zero Blackfire.
Seal is the Dragon of The Light, and a member of the council.
Character©️Cori Weir

Characters of GD SealDragonOfTheLight

Name: Warlord Vincent (Male)
Age: Unknown
Eye Color: White
Personality: Mean, grumpy all the time, and vicious
Vicent is a very ancient dragon who has fought in many wars, which has gained him the rank of a council member.
Character©️Cori Weir

Characters of GD WarlordVincent

Name: Q (Male)
Age: 409
Eye Color: Light Blue
Personality: Kind, intelligent
Q is a very young Angelic dragon, it is a mystery of how he had gotten into the council, but a mystery that will soon be solved.
Character©️Cori Weir

Characters of GD QTheAngelicDragon
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Characters of GD
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